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Governor Sundquist and Songstad

Serious Issues with The Upcoming Election - October 30th, 2016


White House Confirms Intel

White House Confirmed They Finally Received Intel

Finally, the white house confirmed that they actually received the intel file of
Operation: Stillpoint

General agreement on cooperation between the council of ministers of the Russian socialist Federative Republic

(Russia, and New Republic / USA — dated 22.12.90 – Wien, Austria

Concerning “Russian federation – Ukraine – soviet union rubles – vs – criminal activities (Rico statutes) political corruption

But not to worry, the white house (the people’s house’s) attached verbal message clearly states “That the white house is throwing away their confirmed telecopy messages as to: U.S. president Ronald Wilson Reagan’s “Cold War general agreement on cooperation with the Soviet Union, Russian federation, and the United States of America, a great nation, but once was a constitutional republic.

Strange Planet - Trillion Dollar Man


Philippines Totten Doctrine Truman Doctrine - White House Call

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