31.2 trillion dollars! If you have not heard the name Lee Wanta before , you will soon. His authorized biography will shake the world and change history. Lee Wanta, is 31.2 trillion dollar man. President Reagan and his Secret Agent Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta masterminded a creative way to financially take down the economy of the Soviet Union (Evil Empire) without firing a single shot. The 32.1 trillion he amassed in the process has finally been recovered and accounted for after it was hijacked by the a criminal non-Government organization known as the Federal Reserve and the Corporate State of Wisconsin. Controversial and true with hundreds of documents included to support this compelling true story. Intel disclosed today that can change an entire election and the financial future of our country and the world. The only authorized biography of Lee Wanta , Wanta Black Swan White Hat. A must read for every single American, Never fully revealed until today. Published by Viking International, LLC

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