Eagle One To Wanta Newsline Debuts

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Ambassador Lee Wanta is President Reagan’s Secret Agent who helped take down the Soviet Union, Evil Empire. He is known as 31.2 Trillion Dollar Man. This one hour News Update is current as of 9/7/2019. This program contains some major breaking news, including

  1. Overview of Lees stolen funds and status at the World Bank.
  2. A message to President Trump
  3. VP Al Gore’s stolen Presidency and his efforts to help Lee.
  4. Gores work to save Ambassador Wanta’s life and Dan Quayle .
  5. Lee receives a visit and offer from the White House to try and get him to accept one billion and stand down.
  6. Recording left from depart of Treasury Tom Mellville released.
  7. Michael Cottrell and Tom Melvilles effort to hijack and steal Wanta funds. A discussion of who they men really are and possible ties to Christopher Storys death in England. Rebukes their claims of ownership to the Reagan Mitterand Wanta funds., exposes ties to the Cabal
  8. Gov. Don Sunquest and South Dakota Senator Sheldon Sonstad try to extort 10 billion dollars from Lee’s funds and give real threats to Lees’ life.

This and much more. Join Ambassador Lee Wanta , Tom Heneghan who worked with Al Gore and moderator Lon Gibby for a one hour revealing News program. This first in a a regular series to help establish the truth and justice.

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