Eagle One To Wanta Newsline – Show #2

Ambassador Lee Wanta is President Reagan’s Secret Agent who helped take down the Soviet Union, Evil Empire. He is known as 31.2 Trillion Dollar Man. This one hour Newsline update is current as of 11-05-2019. Moderated by Lon Gibby with Ambassador Lee Wanta and special guest Tom Heneghan. This program contains some major breaking news, including the following information:

  1. Historical review of Ambassador Lee Wanta’s stolen funds, how he was arrested and his personal belongings hijacked and Stolen by the Bush, Clinton & Obama criminal enterprise.The Deep State Swamp or Cabal explained for the first time to nation.
  2. Ambassador Lee Wanta’s kidnapping by Switzerland under President HW Bush direction. his kidnapping by the NY Police Department, and his kidnapping by the Corporate Criminal State of Wisconsin.
  3. NY Federal Judge Allyn Ross dismisses all charges on Wanta and releases him as a free man (supporting documents dockets), only to be immediately kidnapped by the State of Wisconsin on bogus charges under Governor Tommy Thompson. All Lee’s s possessions stolen, followed by a rigged kangaroo court, torture and complete human rights taken away.
  4. VP Al Gore rescues Wanta from certain assassination and death.
  5. The rigged 1992 election that put Clinton in office of the Corporate USA Government.
  6. The Stolen 2000 election from Al Gore who remains an elected President of the Corporate USA Government.
  7. The fraudulent 2008 election of Barry Soetorro alias Barrack Obama
  8. The election of President Trump nearly stolen and the criminal efforts and Coup underway to impeach and remove him. How he is being attacked and why.
  9. President Reagan is the last duly elected President explained.
  10. The Federal Reserve System is not Federal, not a Bank , is not a Reserve. It is a clearing house for criminal enterprise. Who runs it and why it must be retired. Kenndy’s brave efforts to shut it down and assassination. The CIA, Federal Reserve, Bush, Clinto, Soetorro marriage.
  11. Clinton’s and Bush’s, Soetarro ( Alias Obama) massive crimes and criminal enterprise explained impacting nation for last 30 years including 911 information. There ties with Criminal enterprise Marc Rich pardon, ties to Sorros other Globalist criminals, the death of Vince Foster, the efforts to jail, assassinate Ambassador Lee Wanta , the Children defense fund steals 250 million dollars.
  12. Congress does nothing about the release of the Wanta funds. Most of Congress are Puppets for the Deep Stateate e who control bloated Banks. Ponzi scheme explained.
  13. Efforts to start a Civil War and World War and why they need it to cover up crimes, create money and depopulate.
  14. Historical perspective of why the Russian Federation is not the Evil Empire. The general agreement of cooperation signed by Wanta. What is the Reagan Mitterand Wanta funds and why they must be released.
  15. The Ukraine used as a CIA operation to launder money, for Bush, Clinton’s, Biden involvement.
  16. Fake impostures trying to hijack Wanta funds exposed, Michael Cottrell and others. Their work with Argo Trust and Del Marva Timber Trust CIA and Bush companies.
  17. How Criminal Enterprise is the enemy that knows no boundaries of Political Party, Race, Gender or age. RICO is the real crime infecting every party and Government organizations. The cabals use and control of the mainstream media.
  18. Reagan Mandate to Wanta, what will be done with the Wanta Trillions repatriated, the payment of 35% taxes to US Treasury, new high speed Rail, Veterans program, Student loan payoff, real help for the elderly, medical system that works. New technologies and business development. Pay off of National debt.
  19. Why President Trump needs to work with elected President Al Gore to accomplish the goal of the release of the funds under the Reagan Mitterand , Wanta protocols. They both are admonished to work together to get us back to the Constitutional Republic protect and defend America from both Domestic and Foreign enemies. This is a regular Newsline series to help establish the truth and justice.

Thank you and God Bless.

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